Silvie Endro I'm a 100% risk-free online graphic designer because there is no charge if for any reason a first-time customer is not satisfied with my first design sample and have decided not to use my services. I am offering absolutely no-risk free of charge tryout of first copyrighted concept design with free initial consultation.

I specialize in affordable and quality graphic design services 24/7 On-Line On-Demand that will help you to market your products or services and increase your company's profits. Graphic Design is a commercial art that must support and enhance the products and/or services you are trying to sell. A first-time customer must immediately understand what it is he is looking at.

A logo design is more valuable to a company than a single spot illustration. An illustration is normally used once or used for a limited campaign, whereas a logo is used for years and is placed on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, web sites, vehicles, buildings and products. A logo has more value than just the hours spent on creating it. It becomes the company's identity.

My services can be suitable for small business companies but also can be part of corporate identity design.


I was most impressed with Silvie Endro's attention to time tables. I once had to produce company pamphlets overnight and she was able to modify the website, add new graphics, and print me full color brochures by the next morning on time for my meeting with clients. That is dedication. (Robin Jafari, MD, MBA, Managing Director, Parasol International, LLC, Email: zhoobeen@aol.com)

We have worked and continue working with Silvie Endro because she is capable of creating graphics that truly help create sales inquires. Mrs. Endro is very project oriented and delivers on time! We can strongly recommend her work ethics. (Kurtis Draxl, General Manager, www.vienna-coffee.com, Email: kurtis_draxl@yahoo.com)

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the web design job you have just completed for my company, ResearchCoop, and to express my deepest thanks for putting us on the global business map. You have exhibited the highest degree of professionalism in our working relationship coupled with great creative insight. The results, for all those who might be interested, speak for themselves. I should also command you on the timeliness of your work and for taking over all the steps necessary to turn our plan into reality. I heartily recommend your services to anyone who cares about superior work executed with promptness. Thank you.(Eli Seggev, Ph.D., www.researchcoop.com, Email: Eli.Seggev@researchcoop.com)


Customizable Logos from Gallery or New Logo Design/Logo Makeovers only $99! (non-exclusive)

Logos from my gallery are fully customizable. Some logos are examples but some logos have been or may be sold and used. For those only the concept is available, logo's text, color and shapes will be modified to fit customer's needs.

Prices may vary for logos with exclusive rights (for example corporate identity and branding).

Logos from my gallery can be used in many industries:

Marketing Company, Asian Site, Digital Photography, Music Records, Deejay, Kids Store, Government, Antivirus, Book Store, Pet Supplies, Veterinarian, Medical Supply, Airlines, Furniture Designer, Vitamins and Supplements, Local News, Beauty Shop, Beauty Salon, Woman's Apparel, Media Records Company, Hardware Parts, Mobile Phone Supplies, Oriental Food Store, Produce, Electric, TV & Games, Computer Supplies, Software company, Printing Company, Jewellery, Accounting Firm, Carpentry, Photographer Portfolio, Photo Studio, Advertising company, Business Consulting, Fashion, Fashionable Bags Shop, Flower Shop, Flower Designer, Coffee Products, Coffee Shop, Cafe, Law Firm, Lawyers, Legal, Education, School, Pre-School, Sporting Goods, Insurance Company etc.

Terms and Conditions

Before payment client will receive a smaller flatten copyright-protected image. Upon final payment, client is assigned rights to publication in the media contracted for. When you buy "Customized" logo it means that this particular design is available to multiple users for purchase and customization . I will customize name, fonts, color, and position. The image itself belongs to Endro Design and might be used again in a future. You can register your customized logo and use it as your trade mark. Trademarked logos are not just the image itself, but a combination of image, company name, colors, and layout. When you buy "Exclusive" it means that this particular design is available to only one user for purchase and customization. All the rights of the image and design will be transferred to the buyer. No further use of this image will be performed by Endro Design. The customized logo can be registered and used as your trademark.

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If you want to order any of my displayed logos from gallery as is or with modification, or maybe you got inspired and you want to order a new logo with similar or new concept, don't hesitate to contact me at : silvie@endrodesign.com

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