I'm a 100% risk-free online graphic designer because there is no charge if for any reason a customer is not satisfied with my first design sample and have decided not to use my services. I am offering absolutely no-risk free of charge tryout of first concept design with free initial consultation.

I specialize in affordable and quality graphic design services 24/7 On-Line On-Demand that will help you to market your products or services and increase your company's profits. Graphic Design is a commercial art that must support and enhance the products and/or services you are trying to sell. A first-time customer must immediately understand what it is he is looking at. I deliver professional logo, print advertisement and brand packaging design for a fraction of some design companies costs.

My services can be suitable for small business companies but also include corporate identity design with custom unique logo design, custom website design or redesign, letterhead, custom business cards, print advertisements such as fliers, brochures and promotional newspaper or magazine ads, posters, website advertisements and banners, etc.


Custom Logo Design Concept or Logo Makeover 4Sale only $99!

Fully customizable. Logo's text, color and shapes can be modified to fit customer's needs. 1 concept & 1 revision. This can be a new concept or any concept out of my collection.

Possible use for industries:

Handyman company, Carpentry, Photographer Portfolio, Photo Studio, Advertising company, Business Consulting, Fashion, Fashionable Bags Shop, Flower Shop, Flower Designer, Coffee Products, Coffee Shop, Cafe, Law Firm, Lawyers, Legal, Education, School, Pre-School, Horse Apparel, Insurance Company etc.

This is a 'customizable logo, with non-exclusive rights'. Exclusive rights (such as for corporate identity and branding) prices may vary depending on company size & budget and scope and reach of the company's market. All my logos can be sold with exclusive rights or non-exclusive. Please see 'copyrights' in contact section.
A logo design is more valuable to a company than a single spot illustration. An illustration is normally used once or used for a limited campaign, whereas a logo is used for years and is placed on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, web sites, vehicles, buildings and products.

Do you see the difference in value to a company? A logo has more value than just the hours spent on creating it. It becomes the companies identity and has added value.

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Custom Business Card Design
$59 Special!

This includes 1 concept and 1 revision. Design exludes charges for logo design. Additional names with same design is $10. I recommend overnightprints.com within US. Their charges are not included. Standard Business Card: 3.5" x 2".

Custom Print Advertisment Design $89 Special!

Print Advertisment includes: Postcards (Standard Size: 4" x 6"); Stationery; 1-sided Brochure; Fliers; Newsletters; Newspaper Ads; Promotional Posters and more. This includes 1 concept and 1 revision up to A4 Letter Size 1-sided print material.

Other projects are priced individually per customer agreement ($35/hr).


Fully customizable. Logo's text, color and shapes can be modified to fit customer's needs. View my profile @ Brandbucket

View my logos in use:

Centurion Shotguns, Adrenna, Asia Point

View My Business Cards, Flyers and Photography:


I was most impressed with Silvie Endro's attention to time tables. I once had to produce company pamphlets overnight and she was able to modify the website, add new graphics, and print me full color brochures by the next morning on time for my meeting with clients. That is dedication. [Robin Jafari, MD, MBA, Managing Director, Boca Raton, June 20th, 2006, Parasol International, LLC, Mobile: 561-703-9752, Email: zhoobeen@aol.com]

We have worked and continue working with Silvie Endro because she is capable of creating graphics that truly help create sales inquires. Mrs. Endro is very project oriented and delivers on time! We can strongly recommend her work ethics. [Kurtis Draxl, General Manager, Boca Raton, May 27th, 2006, Vienna Coffee Service, www.vienna-coffee.com, Tel: 561-367-8320, Email: kurtis_draxl@yahoo.com]

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the web design job you have just completed for my company, ResearchCoop, and to express my deepest thanks for putting us on the global business map. You have exhibited the highest degree of professionalism in our working relationship coupled with great creative insight. The results, for all those who might be interested, speak for themselves. I should also command you on the timeliness of your work and for taking over all the steps necessary to turn our plan into reality. I heartily recommend your services to anyone who cares about superior work executed with promptness. Thank you. [Eli Seggev, Ph.D., Boca Raton, FL, July 6th, 2006, ResearchCoop. www.researchcoop.com, 9369 Grand Estates Way, Boca Raton, FL 33496, Tel: 561-483-8185, Email: Eli.Seggev@researchcoop.com]


Terms and Conditions:

I offer affordable quality graphic design services 100% Risk Free, with no charge if for any reason a customer is not satisfied with my first design and have decided not to use my services. This includes first one concept design ONLY (one choice of any of these design layouts: logo, business card, website or print advertisement). You will be presented with a copyrighted thumbnail design concept via email. No sample files that are not protected by a copyright can be transferred to the client. After payment, you will receive jpg computer files of your logo in color and black & white (upon request) (300 dpi), 1 GIF at 72 dpi (for use on a web page), EPS/PDF files - encapsulated PostScript (used by many printers) and also the files of the fonts used in your logo or print advertisment designs. My rates of 'Specials' are non-negotiable. Prices may vary depending on company size & budget and scope and reach of the company's market. Free initial consultation applies to first-time customer about his first project. I can work on a per-project basis or on hourly rate of $35. Returning customers may receive discount of 50% when applicable.(t.i. non-profit organizations or companies and organizations involved in education.) When working online on demand for first-time customers I require only 50% down and 50% before final upload or emailing of final versions of files. Invoices are payable upon receipt. Payments via Paypal are preferred. Direct online transfer to a bank account is also optional upon agreement.

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Silvie EndroThere are copyright laws that apply for intelectual property. Before payment client will receive a smaller flatten copyright-protected image. Upon final payment, client is assigned rights to publication in the media contracted for (logo, print or web dvertisement, etc.) Unless purchased by a client, rights to photos, graphics, editable working files and computer programs are specifically not transferred to the client, and remain property of their respective owners. When you buy "Customized" logo it means that this particular design is available to multiple users for purchase and customization . I will customize name, fonts, color, and position. The image itself belongs to Endro Design and might be used again in a future. You can register your customized logo and use it as your trade mark. Trademarked logos are not just the image itself, but a combination of image, company name, colors, and layout. When you buy "Exclusive" it means that this particular design is available to only one user for purchase and customization. All the rights of the image and design will be transferred to the buyer. No further use of this image will be performed by Endro Design and it will be removed from my gallery. The customized logo can be registered and used as your trademark. My studio works with a large database of free images and graphics available for our customers free to choose. Any special requests can be purchased additionally from a third party provider. Costs for outside services such as third-party providers will be added in an invoice. Endro Design warrants that its designs are of its own creation and are not copied from or inspired by existing designs or trademarks but does not warrant that a design the same as or similar to that designed by it, but of which it was not aware at the time of its creation, does not exist. If for some coincidental reason a logo designed or web designed by Endro Design looks identical to another party's logo, Endro Design will provide a free redraw session with a new set of logo.